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Springtime Skin Care Moves

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Spring is blossoming! Just as we shared tips and tricks to strengthen and protect your skin with you in winter, the temperature changes in spring mean it is once again time to revisit your skin care routine and tweak it to maintain optimal skin health.

As we emerge from the chill and dry of winter and venture into warming temps, brighter light of the (soon to be) sunnier outdoors, our skin needs a bit of time to adjust to sunny spring weather. Perk up dull, dry winter complexion and achieve a healthy skin glow with some skin care tweak your skin will thank you for!

Here are the top four things to do to get your skin glowing for spring:

Springtime Skin Care Moves
Springtime Skin Care Moves
  1. Start Exfoliating.if you haven’t been doing so already. Gently, of course. Exfoliating helps brighten skin by removing dull skin that piled up during the winter. Accumulated dead skin cells reduce light reflection on skin and contribute to skin roughness. Particularly if your goal is general anti-aging, acne control or hyperpigmentation reduction, we recommend chemical exfoliation for their sure, steady and multiple benefits, such as collagen production, soothing in addition to texture smoothing and brightening. If you want to get a head start on smoother, brighter skin, come in for a chemical peel, dual resurfacing facial treatment of a power dermaplaning session.

  2. UV Protection. If you have been paying attention to our mantra on skin health and maintaining a youthful complexion, you know that the #1 product in your healthy skin toolbox is your SPF. You should have been using one all winter long. Broad spectrum. Antioxidant-fortified. That gives UVA, UVB, Blue Light & IR protection. Our SPF hacks? First hack- apply a lotion-based formulation on your face and other sun exposed areas then carry and use a powder-based formulation so you can reapply all day long. Second hack- layer, layer, layer. For those who wear makeup, there are now many primers, foundations, eye and lip colors that have SPF ratings ranging from 15 to 45. Use your lotion SPF FIRST, then layer your SPF- rated make up elements to sure up you skin protection. You still have to reapply all day long. No matter your skin shade. Even on cloudy days. Even when you are working from home. All. Day. Long. We have several tints and textures of broad-spectrum, antioxidant fortified sunscreens, including mineral powder sunscreens to color-match to your skin shade.

  3. Moisturize. You know how you have been using that ultra rich, insta hydrating moisturizing cream on your skin all winter long? Now that it is spring, it is likely time to switch up your moisturizer to one that is light weight, especially if you have oily, combination or normal skin. Dry skin types may need to continuing using a deep moisturizing formulation to maintain happier, non itchy skin. Feel free to come in for hydrating skin treatments like our Revitalizing Therapeutic Facial, SmartHydro Facial Tx or SkinBooster to jump start plump, hydrated skin.

  4. Spring Clean your Make Up & Brushes. Just as your sort through and clean your clothes and shoes, putting away heavier, darker winter gear and bringing out your brighter, lighter spring and summer gear, spring time is an ideal time to sort your makeup products and clean up your makeup brushes. Gentle reminder that you should be cleaning makeup brushes mores often than with the changing seasons! We recommend a regular schedule of every seven days.

Want to get ready to say hello to your spring skin routine but need a little help to get things started?

We invite you to schedule a skin care update consult so we can help you create a winning regimen. We look forward to keeping you youthful and radiant for years to come!

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